Our family owned Funeral Company provides every type of funeral service that is required for personal or cultural reasons. The majority of funerals chosen by Australians are simple cremations with a service on site, however others prefer a burial or crypt and often this is preceded by a service in a church. We cater for all these types of funerals for all ages of people.

When a loved one passes away you simply call Sincerity Funerals at anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 9540 9559. Depending on where and how the person has passed away will determine when they are transferred by mortuary ambulance into our care but we will organize this for you (see frequently asked questions).

I will then arrange to come and see the family, or person responsible for the funeral, in their home at a time that is convenient for everyone. I will discuss every aspect of the funeral with you including the different options available with coffins, flowers, press notices or viewing should you require one. I will complete the required paperwork with you and all of this will take approximately 90 minutes.

Sincerity Funerals make all the bookings and payments on behalf of the family for fees covering mortuary ambulance, cemeteries, clergy or celebrants, churches, doctors, florist and press notices etc. We even pay and make application for the official Death Certificate from NSW Births Deaths and Marriages to be sent to you by registered post (on average this takes 4 – 6 weeks). All of these payments will be listed in your itemized account.